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Customer Beware

First time posting here but I wanted to give everyone a heads up on this guy who wanted to commission me at AC07

  I'm not really sure who this guy is so there is no name to go by but I have a character description on me that he gave me when asking me about a commission. I was doing AA [Artist Alley] at Anthrocon 2007 and a random guy with a shaved head and a blue tie-dye wolf shirt walked up to my table and "poked" me. I was in the middle of doing work and got shocked by it, thankfully I was only sketching and not inking so he didn't mess the commission I was working on. He just bluntly asked "Hey umm could you draw this guy and color him with colored pencils?" I was very polite and asked him if he had wanted a background etc. and began writing down what he wanted. I then asked him for a refrence sheet or something to go by and he begrudgingly handed me a black and white printed copy of a eagle/gryphon typr character in what looked like a super hero oufit, something like a Thundercat character would wear. He told me the colors of each item and I jotted down little notes beside each thing on what color they were.

 After all of that was done I wrote him a receipt and asked if he would pay the amount of $10.00 for a full color one character no background commission. He took it and left. I didn't see what direction he went to but as the day went on he never came back and said that he had paid for it. So when I went to collect my money that I had made that day Duncan da Husky, the man who operates AA, the AA cash registers and the Con store said he had found the receipt crumpled up on the ground. I honestly didn't care, I threw away the sheet the customer had given me and shrugged it off since if he didn't pay I wasn't going to worry about it since I wasn't going to draw!

 So the next day at AA I was watching and waiting for customers and had seen him. Everytime him and I made eye contact he would walk away and look at me cautiously and everytime I saw him that same day, he had a different shirt on every time! I guess he was just paranoid thinking I was mad. Really I could have given a crap less, if he didn't want to pay, he wasn't going to get art off me.

 So this is just a heads up for all the other artists out there. If you get this guy do not draw unless you get full payment from him.
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