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Posting a warning to those who may consider commissioning deviantart's Chibi-Shini

Paid $20 via paypal in March 2007 for a pretty simple two character commission.

I emailed her in April '08 about the commission, saying I'd be happy for any art of my characters if she felt more comfortable with it, as long as it was still cg (not a sketch or anything). I love to see progress shots and asked that, if she couldn't provide them, could she at least keep me updated on any progress.
She returned to the internet in July '08 but I still have yet to hear hide or hair of anything.
As of last month, it seems she's abandoned her account once more.
I have emailed her once again, asking for a refund but haven't got a response.

I want to add that she is not rude or short-tempered, merely flaky. Still, I doubt I will never see a pixel of my commission. And I want others to be aware.
I've asked around and she also seems to be owing a few people art and some phone charm commissions. One actually did receive hers after alot of pestering.

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