Heather Roach, Fala (awake_till_dawn) wrote in artists_beware,
Heather Roach, Fala

fur / da name: Ebon-wolf

I got a note on da from a girl asking if I could make her a set of paws and a tail before hellowen, I said I would try my best that me and my boyfriend where in the middle of moving and it was a hard time for me to be doing it.

we needed the money so I aggreed.

i had her send me hand tracings so that I could make them fit her hands. she sent the first set - which she did wrong and she had to re send them. still they were not right but I tryed to work around them.

I put off stuff I needed to do with moving, to make sure they got done and that she would have them on time. After I was done she didnt want to pay me but for half of what we agreed on till it got there ( I didnt want to do it but again we needed the money for food. so I agreed)  I rush delivered them to her so that she would get them in time (at no extra cost to her)

she got them and told me that the gloves didnt fit, I told her I could fix them if she sent them back - she didnt want too. instead she made me wait a week for payment and took money off of it, and still wont send me the gloves back.

she sent me alot of mean messages to my phone about how I needed to change the way I do things cause it didnt work for her.

working with her is not worth the stress.

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