Lazy ol' Tiger (dustmeat) wrote in artists_beware,
Lazy ol' Tiger

Avoid this Commissioner

He goes by the name Canis Claxis or Lhurtwolf or Xalc. He will offer to pay you money using Paypal for a commission or a 'request' and then after you complete the image he will find something petty to complain about and demand a full refund. Since he uses Paypal, he uses their service to extract the money out of your account after filing a dispute. He never provides a mailing address so you cannot ship the item and therefore you have to refund.

When I tried to reason with him, he went nuts and wrote this:

>>The character was supposed to be full lenght.
Quite frankly I'm tired of so called "artists" jerking me around.
I love furry , but humans with their greed & disinterest killing it makes me sick.
If braford, aura and micah wasn't bad enough, now you want to screw me.
Furry is the only thing on this entire planet that was great, but money & laziness got in the way.
Another great idea down the tubes.
I was hopeing you would be different, but you weren't.
I hope the money you make only brings you sorrow, because the desparately needed money for the future that I've spent on furry has certianly done that to me.
What a bunch of whores.<<

He is either crazy or he is running a scam. So far Micah Fennec, Aura Moser, Braford, and other artists (including myself) have been burned. He uses lies and threats to get his way, even threatening SUICIDE to get the art from you. He also sends harassing emails.

Having written to other artist he has used in this way, I can conclude that this guy is to be avoided like the Plague.
Tags: beware, comm-canis claxis/lhurtwolf/xalc

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