i_zyklon (i_zyklon) wrote in artists_beware,

Ragnar Wolfcoon (again)

I am for a second time post, I am experiencing issue with commissioner Ragnar Wolfcoon. I am sorry if this is rough for read, it is translation through system.

I had made first statement in regard to him earlier
A second post had been made by another user later, but i am unable to locate.

For summarize of previous issue, this is very demanding commissioner. He is undecide in what is wanting for the commission, make too many changes, and then upsets when it is not complete very quickly. He is send messages constant on FurAffinity system, or is stalking on Instant Messenger programs. There is several times which I have offer Refund in full for him (for I would not wish to work with him in the future or at any point), but on repeated times he had refuse this. At a point I had inform him of my time away from the internet, and upon return, found he had continue to message on a daily basis, accusing me of avoiding him.

In march I had offer a sketchbook auction with an internet site 'Furbuy'. To much of my dismay, he won this. I had warn him that if he was to pay for this, and continue with it as in the methods of previous experience, it would take very long for completion - possibly greater than a year. He had accept this, I inform him that I would not ask that he pay until previous commission had been complete, however, he sent payment immediate. Now I am stuck in legal bind contract as state on the site, so I am to work for him. Once again, he began shuffling of artwork and request, I ask for description for book (so that I may take it and work while Work) and he would not give it. He start asking about previous commission, or others unrelated to the book. Two months of negotiation, I am unable to get a firm description from him for any artwork. Everytime it is request, he discusses other project, or wants change made to some other finish work. I again offer this a refund, because it is same frusteration of having to keep up with this person repeated, and he decline.

Finally it is come time that I have to leave. I am without private access of internet for amount of time, inform this to him that there is not a possible way I can made some of his adult-theme requests uploaded. Had he been clear in his wants in the three months prior, significent progress had possibility of being made. He is very upset, finally gives a solid request, I had begun immediately, sending the sketch to him for approval, it is approve, so I finish. During my time away, i am kept in best possible communication with him, regardless of the difficulties in internet access. I am away for several months, and now upon return again, am informed his requests for REFUND IN FULL. He is feel that I have 'complete nothing' of his requests! I have done my greatest to stay up with this person, who has never been easy, and have complete the artwork that he had send me information on. He is upset that I am unable to complete the artwork that he never described?

At this point, the money he had provided is gone. I had made wait of it for as long as is possible, however, it has been several months. Because of so many delay, there is no chance of this sketchbook being finish soon, and now he is saying he does not have the money for it, and is needing of everything returned. I am at loss for what there is to do. He is wanting 'legal action', but I do not know what the extrent is of that possible. I am extremely angry with this, and am honest hoping that there is not reason for me to have to deal with another.
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