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Possible snatch?

Hello ladies and gentlemen! =) This will be my first post. Since I don't come across theft or bad commissioners much, this is probably going to be rare occurence. However, while browsing the VCL recents I found something the irked me some. I'm not one to get all bitchy about pose theft, because there are only a certain number of poses right? That's a lot like saying a certain species is copyrighted. But there were too many similarities between this piece and my own (really old) picture.

original (please don't laugh, it's very old)

It appears as though the artist simply reversed the image, perhaps in a printout, traced it, and added his own characteristics. The artists doesn't list an email address, so I can't contact them to inquire. If anyone knows how I can get in contact with this person, it would help a great lot.
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