solid_squid (solid_squid) wrote in artists_beware,

Useful link

Thought the community might be interested in this link, it's a search engine for finding images which can apparently find partial matches. Could be useful if you see an image you're sure has been ripped but can't remember where from

It's still building up an index just now, so it can't find things too easily yet. Hopefully though, once it's more fully developed, it'll be something that will be a big help to artists wanting to make sure they haven't been ripped off.

EDIT: Since someone asked, I ran a test using an image I had edited. I used this image, since I figured a celebrity photo was more likely to have been indexed already than most. Search engine found a bunch of matches when I blocked out the eyes and mouth with a black strip, but blocking out the face made it fail (about 1/3 of the image). Still, it seems to work pretty well for smaller edits, and I would guess that for most people's purposes it'll do the job fine. Just as long as they actually get around to indexing enough images :p

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