Garr (garrwolfdog) wrote in artists_beware,

+3 years wait for a commission.

Back in 2005, toward the end of Anthrocon, I commissioned "Bluey" (notasiwas_blue) or a $45 colour picture.
A couple of months after AC, after saying she couldn't show me any sketch because her scanner was broken, she said she mailed me the original but I never saw any sign of it. She said it much have got lost in the post but she would redo it.
A year later at AC 2006 she showed me a VERY faint sketch and said she would have it all finished by the end of the con; I never saw any sign of the picture again. After that she stopped responding to all IM's and emails until I caught up with her on Livejournal 2 months ago and she said she could mail ti too me if I emailed her my address which I did,.... since then she's continued to ignore all attempts at correspondences and I've still yet to see anything of the picture itself.
i've made it clear that if she isn't going to do the picture I'd be happy for her just to give me back the money and there'll be no hard feelings; even just a scan of the pic would be good so at least I know there IS an actual picture (her scanner can't STILL be broken).

I'm a patient guy but this is ridiculous. If any one knows her or how to get in touch with her, could you help me out? :-\

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