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A personal oops.

And something I may as well offer as insight to other artists who, like me, tend to get ambitious, thus a tad over confident. ;>

I put up several badge auctions on Furbid, with the tag that they'd be done by AC. With the Furbid off, I put down that I'd refund -and- finish the badges if I became late. Well, I got most of them finished and sent off but there was a few that I didn't. I'd like to feel as if I accomplished something here and met my deadlines, but I cannot fully feel that way since some were not met. And the emails to those who weren't done on time, ouch. I felt pretty crappy. And all because I bit off a little too much.

I do not yet know if I'll have to refund for the tardy badges yet as I've only just emailed them. (I've not been online due to having to move.) I've made offers of art compensation and now must hope for the best and hope they aren't too disappointed.

So kids, today's lesson is to beware of your own ambitions, so you won't have to kick yerself later. c_c Heh, and if you're going to make quick deadlines, do it sooner rather than later! x_x
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