Jenna (kytheraen) wrote in artists_beware,

Vampire Mackenzie

This isn't so much of a beware as a... anyone know that she's ok?

I commissioned her in October last year, she drew the sketch and I paid full on approval. I sent her a note in December asking how it was going, I had been keeping up with her journals and she seemed to be real busy with multiple jobs and moving, and just wanted to touch base and make sure everything was ok. She sent me one back saying yeah, she hadn't forgotten about me, she was busy... like her journals said too. Told her that was cool, I was happy to wait, and, I guess, am still happy to wait. I love her style and I am still looking forward to what she can produce for me.

That was the last message I got from her. I sent her a similar message at the start of July just touching base, but I haven't got a reply. She's not been seen on DA in almost 9 weeks. Anyone know her and know that she's ok? Of course I'm concerned for my investment, but at the moment I'm just concerned for her.

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