December 23rd, 2018


WHO: Xhybora

WHERE: Furaffinity ( ) and Discord

WHAT: Single character short looping animation

WHEN: First payment made December 30th Second payment made January 12th.

EXPLAIN: This'll be a bit all over the place because of how FA's notes work. And I want to get every single screenshot so it shows everything. (It reads from bottom to top when it comes to the back and forth, in case it looks a bit confusing to read.)

Just a warning that the images might have some NSFW related discussions and content.

I was first approached by Xhybora on the 29th of October where they expressed interest in doing an animation for me. [1]
I of course responded, not having had many people actually express interest in me and my OC's so much they actually come to me. I try to keep it buisiness like but friendly at the same time. [2]

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