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December 18th, 2018


UPDATE: After being informed of this post, on Dec. 22 2018 she noted me on FA with her alt account her half of our trade. I'd like this beware to be tagged as "Resolved" but also would like this to have a "Caution" tag if possible due to these messages she left afterwards trying to claim it was personal reasons with me that she ignored my messages for the trade instead of just doing the trade from the start.

WHO: SinfulDreams15  

WHERE: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sinfuldreams15/ https://sinfulwhispers15.tumblr.com

WHAT: Art trade  

WHEN: May 27, 2013 — present  

EXPLAIN: I had an art trade with this artist in which I've waited 5+ years for her to finish her half and periodically asked for updates throughout those years. When I actually confronted her about it a few months ago, she said she's been too busy and can't do it, yet I've seen her take trades after mine and do theirs and done gift art for other people. She also admitted to ignoring the messages I asked about it. When I said I was gonna let everyone on her discord server know (because I think they  deserved to know), she kicked me from the server and blocked me.  

PROOF:  My half of our trade >>> http://fav.me/d66uh5x 

Her admitting to ignoring my messages >>> https://sta.sh/01jzi3bd3mez 

Proof that she now has me blocked >>> https://sta.sh/01ah80dhjf53  

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