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November 15th, 2018

Almost a year ago I commissioned an artist at a furry convention for a badge of my fursona. I went months without hearing any progress, but their Trello was very very busy and they obviously take a lot of commissions. I was patient and figured they would get to me when they have a chance. I peeked at the Trello every couple of weeks just to check the progress, and the last time I looked my commission was all the sudden moved to the artists "completed" slot. I was never contacted with a sketch, or even what the finished commission looked like. I sent an email to the artist, using the email address they requested all of their commissions contact them on. It has been over a week and no response. They're active on twitter so I sent them a PM, letting them know that I had emailed and so far no response to that either. Despite being obviously overwhelmed with their many commissions, they regularly take more on twitter. 

I have only done a few commissions before, and this is really my first bad experience. I am hesitant to write a beware because they were so nice to me at the convention, and they seem to have a big following and be well-liked. I just want my commission with no drama or hassle.

This is my first time using LiveJournal, please forgive me if I've made any sort of mistakes when posting this.

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