October 27th, 2018

Lost contact with commissioner

So I have a priblem. A while back someone commissioned me, and we wrre in contact for a while. However, some months have passed and I have completely lost contact with the person over both discord and FA. I am still working on their art, but given health problems wanted to express that it might take longer and a refund is an option.

Due to not having any contact with this person anymore because they just fell off the face of the planet for Pluto, I havent a clue how to go about this. Do i jis finish the art and cpntonue on woth my queue or how do i do this? I have never lost contact before.

Lost contact: Zelnyair

I have lost contact with Zelnyair as of August 28th. I have tried to message them a month ago on FA about a possible refund due to personal life issues in case they wished for one instead of waiting for the art. That note has gone unread and they are continuously offline with discord.

Has anyone heard of or seen this user recently? I don't know any other means of contact beyond finding their email throigh paypal.

Thanks for the help!