October 25th, 2018

  • alkraas

Some Help Please

So I commissioned a big artist on dA for an icon. They had a big YCH batch of icons.

On the 15th they posted the finished YCH's onto their profile, I haven't recieved a seperate/cut-out version yet. I sent them a note on the 20th asking for the seperate version but the note has not been read yet.

I'm not sure what I should do, should I message them again? Should I wait? I also do not want to annoy/rush them too much about it either because we all have private lives and such.

  • audeze

Artist Beware: Baasil

I shall begin this with a little warning. I was uninformed about the actual stipulations of Paypal; I have always thought it was only 60 days, and not 120 days for buyer protection. With that said I was a bit assertive to this commissioned person. I thought my time was running out and dry, but this could have easily been resolved with some reassurance by this commissioned person. 


Baasil [http://www.furaffinity.net/user/baasil/]
SpicyBaasil [https://picarto.tv/SpicyBaasil]


Stream: SpicyBaasil [https://picarto.tv/SpicyBaasil]


This was meant to be a quick icon and a full color commission that stretched at most a 2 or 3 week period as stated by the artist. 


August 31, 2018 - October 21, 2018


The situation all started on August 31st 2018… I commissioned this artist in the early hours of 6am, but their stream ran short and they had been up all night for that day. They said they would complete my commission the following day.  

I am always forgiving and being an artist myself was totally fine with waiting until tomorrow. Tomorrow came, and nothing had been done. I did not expect the requested art of a full color commission the following day, but I did expect some progress on this icon we had discussed in stream before.  

Shortly after there was a Hurricane that struck their area, no damage other than power outages on Sept 9th

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Just A Little Mixed Up

WHO: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/just-a-little-mixed-up/

WHERE: Discord and Telegram

WHAT: Eight flat pinups.

WHEN: February 2018 to October 2018

EXPLAIN: Asked to buy 8 pieces in a discord we both shared. Was  given an invoice, and gave her payments to the invoice(1) for the images  she completed as she did them. First went pretty quick, the next one  took a month, and the latest was not received until August. Between the  second and third, she claimed she needed to get money together to move,  and my response to that was to finish paying off the invoice completely.  I also attempted to try to make the investment easier to handle by  suggesting we switched out things, which is why I talked about getting a  ref sheet instead of the last four pinups in the log. At the time I  wanted to at least get something for the money I put down, and asking  for a refund was the last resort.

After that I waited a month assuming it would take that long,  without response, until the artist asked for email communications in  reply to an inquiry on telegram that I had sent her(2), which threw me  off since we had been working through telegram for the majority of the  work. I inquired about it, but complied and resent her the material she  needed for the work to be done.

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UPDATE: I've sent another email, essentially saying if she can't pay in lump sum to reply back so we can make arrangements. Like I said before, I don't have any faith that I'm gonna have a response, or my money back, so after a week I'm gonna be attempting chargebacks. 

UPDATE 2: Breaking a bit of a professional tone with this but I've been getting wind of people telling me about the artist DMing everyone around them about this entry. I believe this is probably gonna turn out pretty horrid in terms of drama outside you guys' journal community thing so I'm just gonna point out that anything I hear I'm going to log for future reference, especially if it ends up bleeding into this entry. I'm here for a business transaction, not furry drama.

I respect the staff and people here and I would like to keep things purely business, as it should be.