October 16th, 2018

Oy.. Getting nervous

Advice post.

I commissioned an artist back in May for an icon commission because they had fallen on hard times, while also giving them a $25 donation.

In the time since this artist has posted multiple personal pieces, fixed up their website, done Patreon VIP streams/commissions, and posted multiple GFMs for living expenses.

I'm getting nervous because the paypak window closes in November, and every time I ask about my commission it's 'lack of moviation' 'i'll get to it soon', or 'dealing with life'.

I get it, I really, truly do, however while they've responded to my quiries about the commission, it's not been completed, and now i'm facing a moral dilemma.

Do I contact them one more time before the deadline closes and subsequently file the chargeback? Do I warn them? Do I not bother?