October 2nd, 2018

Beware Faris Batwan

(UPDATED 01 December 2018)

WHO: FarisBatwan (FBsuits) - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/farisbatwan & https://twitter.com/fbsuits 

WHERE: Initial contact via gmail, conversation/discussion also via Twitter DM's & Discord.

WHAT: Digitigrade Fullsuit - Head, Hands, Tail, Bodysuit, Outdoor Footpaws and Indoor Sockpaws

WHEN: Initial contact on August 22nd, 2017.  Paid in full on Septeber 02, 2017.  Initial suspicion that things were not progressing as planned began in June 2018, especially moving into July 2018.

EXPLAIN:   I commissioned Faris after seeing her gallery on FA and seeing a couple suiters at Megaplex 2017 wearing her suits.  Initial contact was good, and she was pretty responsive to messages.  I was assured that Megaplex 2018 was more than enough time to complete this order, and told that paying in full sooner would assure me an even higher place in the queue. (1)

After I paid communication began to go south.  There were days, even weeks in between responses in gmail.  Faris claimed several times that messages were not arriving from me, or that she had sent something I had not received.  I thought this odd, but we agreed to move off-site for communication to Twitter DMs, and shortly thereafter to Discord.

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