September 25th, 2018


A_B New Moderator Applications (OPEN)


Artists_Beware is seeking to bring new members onto our team.

What we need:
* All moderators must use the moderator discord. This is non negotiable. There is both a desktop and a mobile version. We have to be able to reliably get a hold of you.

* Availability in the US Timezones. All moderators work in pairs or more, so we need someone who can communicate with the group at large when we're discussing posts.

* You must be able to handle disagreements politely and courteously. There will be instances where decisions about a beware will be split between your fellow moderators.

* You must be able to handle harassment and disagreement from users professionally. We will not tolerate "clap backs" or aggressive behavior.

* Estimated working hours varies. It can be a few minutes worth of work per day, or sometimes a few hours per week. It's entirely dependent on queue load.

* Potential moderators do not have to field user questions or moderate comments if they don't want to. We are looking for queue moderators primarily.

* You must be able to keep the contents of the queue and any emails you receive confidential as we sometimes become privy to personal information. Failure to do so will result in your immediate removal from the team.

Some notes:
* If you would like to also moderate comments please be prepared to receive a lot of emails. We receive emails for every comment, edit, and submission into the community. It's recommended to make a separate email for A_B only.

* Previous moderation experience isn't required, but it is helpful. Knowledge of Livejournal's moderation system isn't required, but it is helpful.

What to Expect:
Individuals who are chosen will be interviewed, and then will enter in a training period with the other moderators via Discord. While we may pick multiple individuals, there may be a chance where not all trainees will become fully fledged mods.

Comments are screened below. Please fill out this form, and the applications will be open for 2 weeks. They will close October 9th 2018.

Length in A_B: (How long have you been a member)
Hours of Availability (in Central time): (The hours you will best be able to do queue work.)
Previous Experience: (Have you moderated a community before? It doesn't have to be specific to Livejournal, but knowing Livejournal's moderator interface would be helpful.)
Other Items to Know: (Are you a commission artist? Fursuit maker? Fluent in another language besides English?)
Why would you like to moderate A_B?:
Best way to contact you?: (LJ PM, email, etc.)