September 7th, 2018

Advice: Artist’s Non-Responsiveness Anxiety??

Hello all!
I’m in a bit of a predicament with a commission I ordered.
The situation is that I ordered this in March, and the artist seemed to have been steadily working through their queue. Then some stuff happened, as things do - and I understand taking a break! I’m not heartless! And in all good faith, they marked their trello and showed that so far they’ve worked on my commission up into the coloring stages apparently, though that was like a month or two ago? But it started getting a bit concerning when around July progress on anything just seemed to stop.
I messaged them in July to get an update, then again a month later at the end of August, requesting an update again and a WIP if possible. No response to either message.
On top of that other commissioners (or at least in one other case) seem to be trying to contact them to no avail...
But they are active on their personal account, but are completely ignoring their art account it seems(and their commissioners)... I mean I understand getting away from things, I’m trying to be sympathetic, but I really just. want a response. haha.
I guess my real problem is that the 6 month deadline is coming up and I’m really anxious about their non-responsiveness to their commissioners - but also they did start my commission supposedly(no wips shown and they don’t post wips on trello, they just color mark it), so I don’t feel completely right in just doing a refund because of that?
I’m just seeking advice I guess. What would you do? What should I do? I’m just really frustrated at this point and at a loss. I’ll probably end up taking the risk on it because I don’t feel... right doing that to an artist no matter my frustration and the deadline is in 3 days. Augh. I don’t know! Help?

I’d like to thank everyone for their advice, I think I just needed some extra encouragement to go through with something. I went ahead and filed the dispute, I probably won’t update again, but I hope it goes well.