August 8th, 2018

Murdoxy/Stellary/Inkyfox/Spiffy Artist Beware

WHO: Murdoxy/Stellary/Inkyfox/Spiffy

WHERE: Furaffinity & Email

WHAT: Three digital pieces, valued at a total of $45.

WHEN: September 2014

EXPLAIN: In September of 2014 I decided to purchase three pieces from (then) Murdoxy. Equaling up to $45 total. I ordered these from Murdoxy from my Furaffinity account Blysse as seen below:

Note 1  This is where I inquired originally about the commission. 

Note 2 This is where we agreed on the price. 

Note 3 Confirming payment

Note 4 First (and only) WIP. 

On October 10th I received a WIP (as seen in the 4th note above) of two of the three commissions seen here:



These would be the only images of those commissions I would ever see. 

On October 19th, 2014 Murdoxy posted a journal about moving over to the account Stellary. 

Journal Seen Here

Once the move was finished a journal was posted on Stellary's to-do list with me shown on it as paid and sketched even to this day. 

To-Do List On Stellary As Of Today

After some time passed I wanted to know why I had not received my commission so I checked in on Stellary. Admittedly I should have checked in ALOT sooner but honestly I forgot about the commission for a while. I came back to Stellary's page to find this journal about them leaving Furaffinity for good. 

Journal About Leaving Fa Posted May 10th, 2016

So I did exactly what Stellary suggested, which was contact them via Email. 

I emailed Stellary THREE times over the next year without ever getting a reply. 

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