August 5th, 2018

Looking For Advice, 18 Months with no Progress

Hello everybody.

I'm currently in a situation where I don't really know what to do and would love to hear some of your opinions on it.

Specifically, my probably most favourite artist ever msged me privately after I mentioned that Id love a commission in a comment of a newly posted artwork of his in January of 2017.

 I was super happy, we worked out a great idea together for a picture. He drew a sketch for me that was exactly what I wanted and he also seemed really happy as it included his kinks too. I paid him around 300 USD for it via Paypal.

Now one and a half year later, there has been zero progress after the rough sketch.

We are still in communication over discord, I asked about the picture like every 4 months or so, Im really trying not to be annoying as he is a great artist who rarely does commissions as of late and I still feel like it was a great opportunity for me. He told me that especially last year he was depressed and couldnt work on anything but at the start of 2018 he told me he is in a better place again and will work on it. Since then he has published one other commission and some artworks that were not commissions but just what he wanted to draw and in a conversation with him about a WIP picture he posted he told me he won't finish it cause he is not gettin paid for it. But at the same time he is not working on artwork he is being paid for?...

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