June 7th, 2018

ArtistsBeware: undeadromance

undeadromance, cosmic paw creations


Digital Art

Ych was bought August 29, 2017. A request for info was sent February 6, 2018. No reply was gotten.

End of August 2017 I got myself the YCH. Everything went well at first, the artist seemed to like my character and couldn't wait to get to drawing him.
In the middle of December I asked on the original YCH submission (see proof) for an update, 2 months later I sent a request in a note. I never got a reply.
Three days after it a journal was made with many excuses, but the note remained without reply to this day.

Original YCH submission (Screengrab) (Older screengrab that lacks the newest comment but includes the price) (NSFW)

Note: "Cosmic Paw Creations" is not stated directly on the userpage, but each journal has a footer with it.
Latest note that was never answered and never read:

ArtistsBeware: Storych



Digital Art (comic)

Payment was end of december 2016. First page was finished Mar 31st, 2017. No more surfaced.

Back when it started, co-commissioners and myself bid on this comic ych for a cummulative of $240 ($80 each)
After a rather long time, the finished first page (of four) was uploaded with the promise of one additional page each day. None ever came.
On June 6 2016, the artist wrote about how it would take a bit longer. That was the last message me or the other customers got.

Screengrab of the original YCH, now deleted (NSFW)

First Page finished, notice the comments which were me and the others asking for info: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/23066445/ (Screengrab)

Notes were exchanged, but never a "I got it" after the invoice link (neither to me nor the others) so screenshots of them wouldn't be of much worth, but can be supplied.

[SOLVED] Lost Contact with Artist: oCe

EDIT: I received an email today from oCe. Without going into details, their IRL took a turn for the bad thus no art was produced since their last journal. They told me that things were getting better soon and the plan was to have the YCH done by the end of summer, so, fingers crossed IRL stops being mean and arts gets done again.


Hello A_B,

oCe has dropped off the face of the Earth since about eight months ago, after one last journal on FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8456845/ Their Twitter is dead since that time too, DA and Weasyl have no been updated in ages and they do not reply to emails, which is not a good sign when you have a standing commission with the artist (the Beach Bonfire group thing mentioned in the journal).

So, if anyone has news of oCe, ways to reach them or pass a message or anything, please say so here or send them the message that commissioners, especially those of the Beach Bonfire, would like to hear some news.



Artists Beware: JaktheDrox

 WHO: JaktheDrox, Jakkal, Jakkalopehttp://www.furaffinity.net/user/jakthedrox/ [WARNING, NSFW]

WHERE: Telegram, Furaffinity

WHAT: Fully colored digital commission, NSFW theme.

WHEN: August 16th, 2017. Payment Sent August 23rd.On October 1st was when I felt that something wasn't quite right.I have commissioned this artist before, and when my roommate (who is close friends with the artist) had told me he was opening for commissions that fell within my interests, I jumped at the opportunity. I shot him a message on Telegram to reserve a slot (Screenshots of first contact logs), and then on August 23rd, I sent payment for this commission (Screenshots of communication with artist, Screenshot of proof of purchase). My roommate had told me he worked slow, so I waited until October before sending him a message regarding the status of my commission, since I knew there was also a queue ahead of me. (Screenshot of October logs).

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