June 1st, 2018

Evil Grin

Dani Memorial Pin Project

Thank you all who have responded thus far to the memorial day poll. I think the best way to do this is in the style of the nearly bygone artist exchange communities that brought many of us together, including Dani. So here is what I propose:
1. We have open submissions for pins. If you happen to have done pins before please help out with design elements. We accept submissions until say August 1.
2. We can democratically choose who's pin has the best design by way of a poll, and then we can start a Kickstarter or some other appropriate crowdsurfing site to come up with enough money to make the pins, which I think we can produce with a budget of around 150 for about 50 pins to start out with.
3.Then we need to find a charity, or organization, preferably a GBLTQ suicide prevention organization, and we promote the pins to spread awareness of suicide prevention.

What are people's thoughts?

Also the idea was suggested we make a memorial video for her, using music and art to and from her. I am not much of a videographer, but I have a lot of art I can dedicate if someone else wants to take lead on this.

This may be a little wistful of me to say at this early stage but I kind of hope this takes off in a way that helps people like Dani, and maybe prevents another tragedy like this in our community.

Thank you again for your interest and help. I also plan on making a page on FB for those of us who have since left LJ, and another place for people to submit pin designs. Please post your pin designs on here or link them on this post.

Thank you all again.