May 11th, 2018

Lost Contact: Euclase

After a recommendation from a friend, I commissioned Euclase on FA for two bust-commissions, first contact made 10 months ago. After being quite active and posting some commissions from others, she reduced her activity until finally posting a journal where she explains her current situation and that she hasn't forgotten us.
That was 8 months ago and her last favorite is 6. I even sent a note to her (5 months), which is unread to this day. A quick shout from me on her page (1 month) is unanswered as well.

I'm actually worried that something bad had happened to Euclase and it would be already enough to see some small sign of life from her.

A friend of hers has provided me with the info that Euclase has opened a new account, apparently after forgetting the log-in for her old one:
She has uploaded new art two months ago, but has since become inactive again (PN a week ago unanswered).

So be wary should you plan to commission her.