April 21st, 2018

Buyer beware: lemonbrat

Time: 2018-04-21 08:47
Subject: Buyer beware: lemonbrat
Text: Time: 2018-03-31 05:44
Subject: Buyer beware : lemonbrat
Text: Where:Lemonbrat.com
What:digital ref sheet
When: 2/2/18- 3/30/18

I commissioned lemonbrat to make a ref sheet of a character that was supposed to only take two weeks max. Original contact was a little slow as expected, but he was friendly, and we exchanged several emails with me detailing what i wanted, and him giving me the price, and his paypal.
Once i payed him i never heard from hom again about its progress, even after i sent 4 different emails, from two email accounts he never responded. I waited a full month, twice the agreed apon dead line before i went to paypal issuing a charge back, with an paypal message directly too him urging a response. Between the ten day deadline paypal gave him, i finally got a response on my email, with no mention of the chargeback issued, and him giving a baseline ref sheet that looked like a scrap character with minor changes, and was still nothing like what i asked. It was three completely different colors, had horns, and spikes I didn’t ask for, and the color pattern i wanted was nonexistent. I replied saying as much, and never hear from him again, not even after the paypal deadline was up, and i was refunded the money by paypal not him.