April 19th, 2018

I detect fuckery

Advice: Artist with Conflicting Morals

I need some advice, so I'll use a hypothetical.

Say you've put a down payment on a commission that the artist has deemed it nonrefundable. At this time the commission has not been started, no supplies purchased.

The artists now after being paid starts openly supporting something you're VERY against using social media. You no longer want to support the artist or be associated with them.

Is it fair that given the situation, you ask for the deposit back and cancel the commission?

EDIT: Just want to clarify, this IS NOT HAPPENING. I just felt like in this current climate it would be good to know!

Traditional badge with hair in lamination? - Advice Needed

Recently I commissioned an artist who does traditional images, laminates them, then mails them to you. Note this is an artist that I have always known as very popular and well to work with.

I got my badge in the mail and upon inspection I noticed two pieces of hair inside the lamination.
Of course, I was devastated, but I messaged the seller to try and get a resolution and let them know (with pictures) of the hair. They acknowledge the hair being in the lamination and apologized.

They offer a $4 dollar refund or $5 off to commission them again. The original price I paid was $22 USD. Is this a good deal to take? I feel since this was an issue on the artist end I should at least be compensated with offering a re-draw (not free, I even offered to send back the badge and offered at least to cover a bit of the new draw of the image). They refused. Saying they offered all they can do.

What can I do? The hair is noticeable to the point I don't know if I can enjoy the badge without a fix. They said I can just re-print the image out and laminate it myself. But the quality of the image will be weaker due to it not being a traditional copy.