December 30th, 2017

Artist's Beware:Macrofurry_Writings


WHAT: A written commission involving my characters with his.

WHEN: was contacted in 11/4/2017

EXPLAIN: When ordering the commission, he didn't give much creative control despite the fact he said It could be anything I want. No asking how long I wanted it to be. No asking what I wanted the story to be about. Nothing. He just asked for a list of characters and some minor detail of what I want the world to be like and he said he'd have it done in 24 hours or my money back. At first he was writing about his characters being paired with mine, but I didn't want that. So he had to add another 24 hours despite the fact it broke his guarantee. When I finally got the story, I had some criticisms about the story, like it was boring and my character had things I didn't felt was true to him. When I as for some changes to a story I paid money for he explode on me and blocked me. I sent him an email for my money back he so far refused to answer.

PROOF: collection of Fur affinity Notes. (NSFW Warning)

PROOF: the Email he refused to answer.