November 29th, 2017

Artists Beware - FruitSuit Creations / ClemFox

WHO: FruitSuit Creations / ClemFox

WHERE: (Business account) (Creator account)

WHAT: Fullsuit Fursuit commission ($3,605.00)

WHEN: March 2017 - Initial communication
April 2017 - Contract signed, project paid in full
June 2017 - First notice project was running behind
June 2017 - Notice commission would not be completed on time
July - November 2017 - Further notice of commission delay

EXPLAIN: In early 2017, I saw the first piece of this artist's work and was very impressed. After a few short conversations, we agreed on an expedited commission at a greatly increased price. Several close friends had vouched for her work by this point and many conversations and assurances were given that the expected completion time of Anthrocon 2017 would be totally doable.
[Contract w/ completion date:

For some context, a previous Beware I had written led to the rushed circumstance. This is a suit I've been trying to have made since 2014. The original artist has since completely given up responsibility for the project. Explaining this situation, plus the premium price, is part of why the deal was agreed upon with such a deadline.

My first concern came by way of being told she incurs a 5% convenience fee for using PayPal, something I had believed was against ToS. Given the sum of money already being spent here (again, 3600 dollars) I thought charging anything else was a little excessive. Needless to say, I went along with it and completely paid off that balance. After that time, I actually received regular updates, she streamed and showcased the work to me frequently, I actually believed I might really be getting this done!
[Convenience fee:

In early June I received the first communication that things would be suffering a delay. She complained of issues with drug interactions, stating her mood was too poor to be able to work. From this point onward, I only got one more follow up progress report on the suit. She continued to tell me about her diminished mental state and how she was unable to perform even basic, everyday functions. Come Anthrocon, I'm informed the suit would not be completed on time, but she would work tirelessly to get it done as quickly as can be. After July, she runs into a family health issue that takes several more months away from her projects, leading to the most recent updates in November where she has informed me she's suffered a shoulder injury and is, again, unable to perform even simple, daily tasks.
[First issues:
[Second issues:
[Third issues:
[Forth issues:

PROOF: Payment in full:
Contract Agreement:

This has been a difficult thing to do. Given the issues with health and family she has communicated to me, I gave every bit of leniency I could before writing this and even still feed bad doing so--I even offered to waive the money I was to be refunded for not completing it in a timely manner. But excuse after excuse, something this artist seems to have a history with, has once more led me to believe this is another project I should not expect to see completed and certainly not for the added expense.

EDIT: Original post updated to include a screen of the second page of the contract ( ). The refund outlined here was indirectly referenced in the "First issue" link under explain, leading to its accidental omission.