November 27th, 2017

Artists Beware - LostVioletLotus / SaltedDriftwood / LostSaltSpiral / BraidedBurgundy

WHO: SaltedDriftwood / LostSaltSpiral / LostVioletLotus / BraidedBurgundy

WHERE: (Account I did business with.) (Account refund was requested from.)

WHAT: Two pre-made adoptables. Requested refund as "item was not as described."

WHEN: First pre-made design purchased January 2017.
Second purchased August 2017.
Refunds on both requested November 2017.

EXPLAIN: January 13th of 2017, SaltedDriftwood purchased a pre-made adoptable. They paid, I sent them the file.
August 22nd of 2017, they purchased another. They paid, I sent them the file.

This involves personal issues which do not relate to the transactions, but lead up to the paypal claims.

SaltedDriftwood and one of my friends followed each other on twitter. My friend grew uncomfortable with them because of their own personal issues, and silently softblocked and unfollowed them. When SaltedDriftwood noticed, they messaged me, asking me why. I was not comfortable being put in that position, and declined telling them.
They then liked a reply I had made to my friend, which upset him, on top of knowing SaltedDriftwood had tried to contact him through me, an unrelated party. I told them this upset both of us, and the reasons my friend wanted space between them. An argument broke out, SD removed me from discord, and I assumed that was the end of that.
Today, I received notices from Paypal that SD wants refunds on the pre-made designs from August and January, citing that the "Items are not as described." I had missed a DM from them on Saturday, Nov 25th (I received the refund request Monday, Nov 27th)-- I do not conduct business on twitter, so I don't have a tab dedicated to my DMs on Tweetdeck, and didn't see the message. It was also filled with responses to the personal issues from the conversation on Discord. They are asking for a refund on items they received in January and August because of the personal disagreements, despite the fact the items were pre-made and they knew full well what they looked like before they bought them.

At the time of writing I have responded to the claim offering a full refund provided they do not keep the design. I am waiting to hear back on that.
They requested a partial refund on the design they bought from me in January. I told them I would give them a full refund on the condition they do not keep the adoptable, or no refund and let them keep the adoptable. I am waiting to hear back on this as well.
I am aware I could refuse the refunds, but I do not feel it's worth it to prove the receipt of digital goods to Paypal, and would rather this be done with.

As a note, I do allow for my designs to be traded and resold, and I do not need to be notified of any transfer.

Initially I thought I was unable to offer a refund on the condition of the item being returned, which was why I had asked them to de-escalate the claim-- I thought I was only able to offer a refund and let them keep the item, which I did not want them to do. I realised I was misreading the error Paypal was giving me, and responded with the Refund+Return offer.

EDIT 11/29/17: They have dropped the claim on the design from January and approved my refund offer. However, I have no way of marking that they are returning the item from August, and I am now blocked from any contact with them, so I have no idea how to move the claim forward from here. I assume the ball is in their court to prove the item is returned? Which I'm not sure how to do, given that it's a digital item.

Proof of attempt to clear up refund / of being blocked
Proof of claim status

I'm completely unclear on whether or not they still want the refund or how to proceed at all.

EDIT 11/29/17 #2: A friend of theirs got into contact with me. SaltedDriftwood is now refunded in full.