November 16th, 2017

  • teskine

Beware: Meesabeast

WHO: Meesabeast (Aliases: Meesasbeasts, GhettoImmortal, and Bangarang360)

WHERE: Commissioned at BLFC 2017
Telegram communications: @Bangarang360
FurAffinity: GhettoImmortal

WHAT: Traditional Art ATC

WHEN: BLFC 2017 (June 3/4, 2017) up until current (November 15th, 2017)

EXPLAIN: I commissioned Meesa at BLFC for an inked ATC. Paid in cash. It was like $15 or something of that sort. In person, she had told me she would have it done at con, which was part of why I had commissioned her (I have issues with the post so it’s easier that way.) She was very polite and had me send her my references on Telegram. The next day (June 4th) I came to her table sometime and she told me she hadn’t been able to work on it yet. I told her I understood since I’ve been a dealer many times before and got that things can pile up and you’re busy speaking with people all day. She said she would try to have it done by the end of the day. I told her I could be in den after hours and such on telegram, attempting to be accommodating for her. I stopped by a final time at the end of the day and she had no progress. She told me she would have it done within in a couple weeks after the con and ship it out right after.

Note: Everything past this point is recorded and posted in the proof section, I am merely giving my side on things in summary here now. You may skip this and go to the proof section to read everything yourself there.

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The fact she went off the rails so badly is super not-okay as a businessperson, especially when you’re criticized for giving poor service. I have been told she’s still been on about me, so I don’t see any hope in resolutions due to her aggressive and childish behavior.

All telegram correspondence between June 3rd and November 15th are in these two images:

My Twitter beware post:

Her responses on Twitter to the situation: