November 2nd, 2017

  • chochoo


WHO: their tumblr: ( NSFW WARNING ) it's pretty much inactive as well

WHERE: on fa @

WHAT: fullbody commission w color for 18 euros

WHEN: March 29th, 2017

EXPLAIN: I commissioned deymos for a doodle commission ( a fullbody w color ) back on March 29th of one of my oc's. I sent her the little form that she had on her submission post that advertised her commissions and sent it through notes.

I sent her the payment through paypal: I censored out something in the screenshot since it shows their real name. Two months pass by and I decide to send them a note asking about an update on my art which I sent on May 23rd. I normally don't try and bug artists too much when it comes to commissions but I figured it would be alright to ask since some time had passed. The note in question: and They replied to me a day later with this: in the note they stated that I would see my art within the week which I was super excited about. I thanked them for responding and then I left them alone after that.

By the time I realize it, three more months have passed by. I send them another note around July 5th asking for another update. Currently as of now, the note has still not been read. By now I'm already starting to get concerned and worried about the lack of responses. I sent them one last and final note asking for an update: which was on Sept 12 which has not been read either.

I kind of effed myself over, which I know is my own fault. There is no way I can do a chargeback or get my money back at this point since I waited too long to do so. I decided to leave them a shout on their fa in the hopes that they would see it if they ever got on their fa.

At this point, I'm unsure of what else to do on how to resolve this. They have no other social media that I know of besides Tumblr which I found out to be just as inactive as their furaffinity account. I tried sending an email through their PP email but got no response back. Other than that, I would highly advise against commissioning this artist. Any help would be appreciated!

I also apologize if there are any mistakes here or the format looks awkward. I've never posted to AB before and it's my first time. I just hope I'm doing this right. Feel free to let me know if I need to add more on to this!

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Proof of payment:
May 23rd commission update: and
Artist response:
July 5th commission update | Unread:
sept 12 commission update | Unread:
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