November 1st, 2017


Paypal advice; claim filed then canceled, should I say anything?

Hi all! I checked the advice for artists tag and didn't see anything exactly fitting my situation, so I'm hoping for your thoughts.

A few weeks ago, I offered some wing-it sketch commissions at a cheaper rate, hoping to attract some business. Unfortunately, I took on too many slots and got overwhelmed, resulting in the commissions taking much longer than I wanted.

I've bee in touch with my commissioners to keep them updated and to apologize for the wait and/or offer something extra where appropriate. However, one client filed a claim on Paypal, which I didn't notice until I got an email saying the claim was canceled and that no funds would be deducted from my account.

I don't have personal experience with Paypal claims, so I don't know how easy it is to "accidentally" file a claim, and now I'm not sure if I should bring it up with them.

I fully accept this situation is all my fault, but in my past communication with this commissioner, they had said there was no rush to get the art done and were very understanding of the wait time.

If it's possible they just misclicked, I don't want to make a huge deal out of it. I'm just not sure if I should be concerned they will file a new claim, or if I should even mention it to them, or just leave it alone and keep monitoring my Paypal acct more closely.

Thanks in advance for reading and I'm so sorry if I did something wrong, I had some trouble with the tags.