September 23rd, 2017

Artist Beware - Ruwa

WHO: Ruwa/Shimauma/Tora/Doku/Shika

WHERE: - FA rarely used Wolfhome Forums account

WHAT: Digital Art

WHEN: Sept. 9th, 2016 is when I commissioned her. Initial payment was Sept. 21st, 2016. I nudged her October of 2016, April 2017, and June 2017. Requested refund September 2017.

EXPLAIN: I commissioned this artist on September 9th of 2016, as seen here:,,, and I sent payment here on September 21st of 2016: & . October 15th of 2016, she informed me she messed up the set and was going to redo it and started providing me pieces of my commission, but only sketches:, I asked April 26th of 2017 if she was able to work on the set and she informed me that her computer was broken and she was going to work on it that weekend: June 26th of 2017 was my final attempt to see if she was going to complete the commission here: where we discussed that she forgot to send me WIPs (I never received them) and to confirm I did not want the commission changed. Here is where I attempted to get a refund from her, these images are from Wolfhome Forums and are read from bottom to top: Proof of my Outbox on the website Wolfhome Forums to show that she had read my messages: And the messages in small form to show who I messaged:,, and

She has since read every message attempting to get a refund and has not replied to any one of them.
My username on Wolfhome Forums is Aeonium.

PROOF: All of the images linked above in their album:

EDIT: There was more discussion with Ruwa, where she slandered me to a stranger and stated she is refusing to refund me. All of that is below.

Penguin is a user of Wolfhome.

>> The final attempts including her response where she accuses me of harassment & threatens to report me; this is the only time she has replied to me:

>> This is where Penguin messaged her & where Ruwa began misgendering me/using the wrong pronouns on purpose, slandering me, telling lies, and refusing to refund me: (Read from top to bottom)

>> Proof of why she blocked me on Facebook only:,, and She blocked me after the last thing she said.
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-Blows dust of my account-

Heya! I'm trying to contact two artists on furaffinity. One known as azure, and the other known as kiwiwallaroo.

Azure has a lovely raptor suit that was made by kiwi, but both of their pages are empty and/or disabled from viewing!

If anyone has any info about them I would greatly appreciate it! I want to inquire about getting a suit of my own and since Azure looks very similar to my own 'sona I thought I would ask them!