September 10th, 2017

Artist Beware - PuppyOfPeace/Hyenadile/OdeTheHyena

WHO: PuppyOfPeace (formerly Hyenadile/OdeTheHyena)

WHERE: Twitter

WHAT: Traditional Emotion Keychain ($15)

WHEN: I contacted them about wanting to commission them on March 5th, 2017 and paid for the commission in full the same day. I began having communication issues with them on May 27th when I remembered that I forgot to send them my address.

EXPLAIN: On March 5th, 2017, I was scrolling through twitter and saw that Hyenadile (formerly OdeTheHyena) had opened for keychain commissions. I sent them a message via DM that I was interested, paid $15, sent my ref sheet and what emotion I wanted, and an hour or two later I received a photo of the finished keychain. I thanked them for it, and went on my merry way.

2 months later on May 27th, I realized I had never sent them my address. I was instructed to not include my address in my paypal payment (like normal), but was never asked for it after proof of payment was sent. That 2 month gap was partially my fault because I got incredibly busy with school, but you’d think they would’ve messaged me for it when they planned to ship it?

I sent them a message apologizing for my mistake and awaited a response to get my keychain shipped out. I was left of ‘read’ and got zero response. I let roughly a month and a half go by before messaging them again on July 13th, that message was completely ignored and never opened. I was getting irritated and fed-up with the lack of communication, and on July 21st sent them a message INCLUDING my shipping address. Zero response again…

On August 14th, I messaged them on my side-twitter and got a response. They said we would discuss the dilemma the following day since they were going to bed, and guess what? I got nothing. My most recent message was sent to them on August 24th and I was left on ‘read’ yet again.

Their poor communication is getting on my nerves and I just want my keychain. I’m hoping they see this beware, get themselves back into gear, and maybe this can be marked as resolved sometime soon.

Link to original tweet:
Proof of Payment:
Finished Keychain:

1st Message (May 27th):
2nd Message (July 13th):
3rd Message (July 21st):
4th Message (August 14th):
5th Message (August 24th):

UPDATE (8/25/2018): I tried contacting them again on 3/26/2018. Once again, they gave me the same answer that they are "trying to resolve all issues they've had in the past and make things better", but it's very clear they have no intention to fix things. They have since started going under a new alias, PuppyOfPeace, to try and avoid responsibility. I wanted to update my beware with this new information, and will continue to try and update this as I keep messaging them about my keychain.
Message from 3/26/2018: