August 22nd, 2017

Artist Beware On BlueFlameWolf

WHO: BlueFlameWolf

(All have been deactivated.)

WHAT: A large beanie plushie commission.

WHEN: I contacted them around 11th of March 2016 and paid off the commission the next day after getting the quote and slot. Only until the end of March 2017 did she drop contact from her Facebook page, and FA. (Only "activity" she had was replying to a comment in June on her DA)

EXPLAIN: So I never had trouble with her throughout the year up until she stopped updating her Facebook page, as that's what she used to update people on progress. So I waited around until June and noticed she replied to a comment on her DA page so I thought she was active again but when I went to check her Facebook page to see if she had any updates it was now gone. So I sent her a note on DA asking what happened and to get an update on my commission. She didn't respond to that so I contacted another commissioner to ask them what was happening and they are in the dark as well as I. So I tracked down her email and have sent two emails so far with no responses to either one. And on August 21st she deactivated both her Furaffinity and DeviantART accounts.

FA Page has no updates in over a year, journal wise:

The last active thing she did on her DA page:

And she removed the main journal that displayed all the people who had commissioned her and what she was working on to leave us with this:

DeviantART still shows up that she's had no activity as well after checking this:

This is what her Facebook page looks like now with no warning to the commissioners:

My Transaction:

DA Chat Log of the Commission: