August 21st, 2017


WHO: Meadow_The_Deerling, Meadow The Deerling

WHERE: (the only existed account as I know and now disabled)

WHAT: NSFW animation YCH

WHEN: She paid the whole summ on 26th May 2017, when YCH ended. The animation was finished and posted on June 9th, 2017 (NSFW - and the payment was refunded by her June 14th, 2017. Proof:

EXPLAIN: I've done and animated YCH for 3 slots, one of them was taken by Meadow_the_deerling's character ( She also has a red deer character(, but we worked with her dragon girl at the end. Everything was ok and after the YCH was done she told she liked everything ( But several days later I got a refund note from PayPal.
Though I thought maybe she have had some troubles or maybe its a mistake and I wrote her, she answered -
I believed her and waited till the end of the week. But nothing changed and Meadow stopped answering my letters. (
But I couldn't do anything and the money was finally refunded to her(July 15th, 2017). (What was strange for me what she refunded them from another PayPal, with the same surname though)
On the day of refund she read all messages but didn't answer any of them. Shortly after she has disabled her FA account page.

I just hope she will not create another characters and account to cheat other artists too.