August 3rd, 2017

Update to Xarkbeast beware

Update to this beware:


So I recently came aware that Xarkbeast as resurfaced under a few new names and accounts. A friend who asked not to be name came across her character on Weasyl. He just happened to link it in a group discord where I say it and instantly recognized that her character and art style. But just to be sure I looked around a bit and saw that the boyfriend of he last account redixxbeastdesigns had reactivated his DA and linked her her new one.


Lost Contact - FilthHigh @ FA

I apologize if the details are a bit fuzzy on this one, as I'm unable to access the account where I placed the commission. But I commissioned FilthHigh on FA for a badge of my fursona at the time. They completed it and sent me a scan of it and it was absolutely fantastic. In a note, they promised to send it out at some point (I think they may have admitted up front they were bad about mailing things). I promised to check in with them on occasion to sort of prompt and remind them.

The next time I went to their page, it was deactivated and has never been reactivated since (that I know of at least). I never did receive the badge.

Because I don't have access to the notes, I'm not sure of when I commissioned it. The closest I have is a date on the original file saved from FA of Monday, ‎October ‎19, ‎2009. I know it's been 8 years but I just got a wild hair up my rear to see if anyone knew of any place where they were still active online. I found a DA account that was also deactivated and a smackjeeves under that username with their e-mail and a name, but didn't find much with the latter.

I was just curious if anyone knew them personally. I don't quite expect the badge to still exist after 8 years but as much as I love that badge, I'd still really love to get my hands on it. Thanks!