July 17th, 2017

Beware Yajuuu

WHO; Yajuuu
Also so as Yajuu (not on FA though) and Noxipie/Noxious (old)
They account hop so often that there's probably more.

WHAT - A full detailed image with two characters, 2 of a 4 piece set. Ordered one by one. )
First image (Ordered aug 11th, done nov 10th) of the correct quality I paid for - https://www.dropbox.com/s/wa9emlisrz2mqml/tkhunhun1%20copyALT.png?dl=0
Image I received - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8vsp726d98j70gw/2.png?dl=0

I had spoken to Yajuuu over skype about a 4 part seasons set of images that my husband was interested in getting. We discussed and agreed on the first image and despite them taking a while, it was done with no hassle, except they ignored

every request wips, so we discussed the other.

Yajuuu opened for Xmas/Winter commissions on FA (I ordered via skype), and I mentioned we wanted the slot. I said I would be ordering this one for him as a Christmas gift. We agreed on half payment; half then, half as it was finished. I

jokingly asked if mine could be moved up the queue, as I was excited. They told me it would be done in a few days as they only had one other image on their queue, and then me. (Later find out this was a lie)
Beginning of December they needed to move, so I sent the second half payment on the 9th.
Caps of the winter/Xmas commission journal she posted are not possible as it has since been removed.

Payment caps; (Her first name is public on FA and twitter. I didnt cut it as proof I sent it to her)

They told me the image couldnt be done for Christmas, and instead the 31st.
Nothing again and they said Valentines day.
They mentioned they had done part of my image but didnt like it so they were redoing it. I never saw any proff the image had been started and was never given a wip.


They continued to do personal work and take on commissions.
I asked for an uodate on Feb 23rd and was ignored.
They told me they were entering a very popular contest on FA and linked me their To Do list (which they had earlier lied to me about, stating one ahead of me and that was it)
Between this and they finale, They drew me another small commission, and a gift art, as well as TONS of personal art and other commissions.

Personal issues kept happening, and I let the wait time slide. I asked for an update in early June on skype and was ignored.

A bit later I asked for an update on Discord.
They told me it was a wip and would be completed soon. I asked to see it and they said no. That a friend had it, and didnt have sai so couldnt show me.

Their TOS says 6 months and they'll give a refund. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3rfmtlnr1x6n38/yajuuutos.png?dl=0
With no proof of work, ever, and they'd taken on so many commissions, I was upset and figured I'd never get my commissions so I asked if they could show a wip, quoted the over 6 months thing, and if not, could I have a refund.

Wording in the IMs isnt as professional as normal as we were 'friends'. Not super close or anything, but enough that friendly chatting and banter was totally acceptable and chatted often.


They told me they were upset because someone had promised to have a working compuer for them, as they went out of state for a month, and claimed they would work that entire time. At this point they state they have commissions before me

that were due for november and december, and states I set no deadline when ordering. They argue a bit over the deadline and when I link what's left of the skype conversation to prove I asked for one they get really rude; 'Uh.. I know

what I said, TK, I'm not short of memory"


At this point the whole thing turns sour.

I tell them I understand the issues that popped up, but that they'd missed so many deadlines and it's way overdue. They keep saying they have a lot of overdue work before me. They completely ignore when I bring up they told me it was one

commission, then mine.

She then says 'Ill hurry and finish it' and then I worry. They say 'it might be rushed'.

I never once asked for the image, I asked for the WIP, or a refund. We argue this and I state multiple times I dont want it rushed and that I paid for a full image, they insist I didnt, and that I only paid for a BG, as if the quality is

up to them. I state if theyre rushing it I want a refund, they ignore it and state again that Im not their only customer, and they 'want to hurry up and get it done'. I say thats its a scam, they cant just lower the quality of a

commission. I ordered from their journal that had an image with samples on it equal to the first commission, with a clean full detail BG, and soft shading, and highlights.


They talk a lot about how their other commissioners are so patient, and try and guilt trip me. I kept asking for a refund and they never reply to it, so I finally say 'just finish the art'. NOT asking for it, but no longer expecting to

get a refund. They give a day or to eta for the PC to be up and my commission to be done that weekend and miss that deadline, they dont contact me so I ask for an update.


The image was.... not what I paid for. I cropped both images to hide who the artist was and asked a few friends if the two matched in quality; they all agreed the winter one was clearly rushed and not the same quality. No names were

named. Things were missing from my character, the BG was sloppy, and, the quality of the coloring was nothing like what was to be provided. Yajuuu refused the fixes, but agreed on the eyes and freckles. And I (unhappily) accepted a

partial refund they said would be given in a month. (Half refund was received later) She also claimed she put extra detail in to the fall one, but the fall one matches the samples that were initially given for the commission tier.


I agree to unfollow their twitter, but I guess it was misunderstood because its not super clear? But only after I get the refund, as I was VERY uncomfortable with the artist blocking all my means of contact seeing as they had already

ignored me on skype a few times. I agreed to not post the AB as well here, as it would be done and over with. During this, she blocked me from her private twitter.


She mentions that she gave me a discount; I paid $50 USD and it was listed at $80 USD but she said she was thinking of giving all friends discounts.

Yajuuu then talks about how her other stuff is delayed, and how she has so many projects shes behind on, and how her other customers are patient and how shes giving them freebies. She goes on to say I demanded my commission when all I

asked for was wips and updates and gets very snippy with me.


I agree to unfollow her twitters (Sorry I guess I still wasnt clear on that, I still liked her art and wanted to watch her PUBLIC FA account) I mention Im not home and will unfollow when I can. She blocked me before I could unfollow her.

Before I was blocked on her twitter she called me out by name and kept posting guilt tripping tweets, as seen below.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/egvwpm0elkfh5jn/yajuucallout.png?dl=0 (call me out by name here, thus no longer keeping it 'private')

And the three journals they posted about/to me on FA

I wanted to keep watcher her FA because her art is super pretty and I really love it. Twitter is more personal/private so I agreed to undfollow even though it's also public. SHe then started posting the journals and got the mutual friend

to ask me to unwatch her FA, I replied that I never agreed to and Im not noting, commenting, or faving. No harassment or anything, just wanting to see some art. I think this was just me not being clear enough though? My bad on that, I'll

make sure to be MUCH more clear from now on.

I decided to ask for advice, and go against my promise of not posting this as her attitude was awful and she did not let the situation go.

EDIT; for clarification, I did unwatch her before posting this beware, and she did post more journals.
One on her main, in regards to a journal I made (she was checking my page, as she no longer watches me), and two on dead/old accounts that I forgot existed, that I was still watching because of said forgetting they were there.