June 21st, 2017

Nothing to show for commission after 168 days

UPDATE: Artist has knocked out work in less than 48 hours after almost 6 months of waiting. It's very sub-par and I wasn't consulted before posting it publicly. Then deleted it. 48 hours later she sent me a revised version which appears to have been completely recoloured. Whilst it isn't great, I do feel that she has now fulfilled her obligation of delivering a complete coloured commission...

WHO: Levana aka Levs-chan aka XxLevanaxX
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UPDATE: 24th June - She's deleted the submission and said she'll work on it.

UPDATE: 25th June - She's recoloured the entire piece and asked for my approval, which I have given.

PROOF: Conducted entirely via Inkbunny PMs

Initial request - http://imgur.com/DbHrJyQ
February prompt - http://imgur.com/vSA99ci
April prompt - http://imgur.com/u6ZLvIj
May prompt - http://imgur.com/wOv7x2K
Response after Paypal chargeback - http://imgur.com/2PSUEnv
Me updating her on the situation - http://imgur.com/qsksRcL
Artist's apology and my offer of options - http://imgur.com/Zw8a4hm
Submission on IB and my comment expressing surprise and concern - http://imgur.com/FuonUzE