May 21st, 2017

I detect fuckery

ADVICE: No Communication

I'm looking for advice, I don't think this is beware territory yet.

An artist I highly admire was doing a sale on original art. I missed the store sale, but I thought I'd write them an email and see if they still had a piece I wanted. They promptly answered and said they did. I asked if I could place a down payment on it, and then pay the rest by the end of the month. They agreed.
I sent the first payment, but didn't receive a confirmation of it being received. It didn't seem to weird at the time.
I sent the rest recently, and asked for confirmation. I didn't receive anything, and they were posting online, so I sent another message over quick asking if they received the money. I haven't gotten an answer to that one either.

I dropped into their stream, and they literally ignored me. I didn't mention the payment, but rather asked what media they were using etc. They did not acknowledge me at all the while time I was there (and it wasn't a busy chat).

Now I'm super nervous and might just ask for a refund. It's a lot of money and these are red flags. Does requesting a refund sound fair?

EDIT: Artist had moved my money to their bank account. After waiting days for the echeck to clear I received a full refund.