April 7th, 2017

  • liveb1

Request for Advice: Low Quality Artwork

Hello! This is my first time posting here, and unfortunately it's because I'm in a little bit of a predicament.

I commissioned an artist recently for an onspot fullbody piece of my character in a stream. I have worked with them plenty of times before, as well as watched them stream their drawing process so I am relatively familiar with how they conduct their business and what kind of product to expect when I am commissioning them.

However, my recent experience with them has left a lot to be desired.

My piece being the last in the queue for onspots, it was pushed two days forward which, while not the service I paid for, I can understand because life and that gets in the way! I was noted with the artwork two days after the initial stream with the finished product.. which was not at all like their usual quality of work. There were several issues with anatomy , lack of detail, no background (they usually draw a little something to go along with the piece, even if its just a circle or shape to better frame it), as well as the fact that the facial structure looked nothing like my character, and instead like the person from the pose they decided they wanted to work from.

(Notably, I was not given free reign on the pose. They asked me if it was okay to use the one they chose, I noted them three minutes later asking her to hold on a minute while I picked a ref.. and was told it was too late because they'd already started. I had no proof of this, as they’d already stopped streaming, but I regret not saying something at the time, especially if I knew I would wait another two days to see the completed work).

Altogether, it looked incredibly rushed.

I was honest with them. I conveyed that I was disappointed with the finished product along with the above sentiments regarding the quality of the artwork. I asked if they could edit it with specific areas of improvement OR if it could be cropped and they would just fix the facial features, given that I would receive a half-refund for the piece.

I was told outright that any kind of refund would not be possible, and that they would try their best to fix the details. However.. for something that was supposed to be an on-spot, I am wondering how long I should wait for them to make the edits before saying something. :/ Already they have been streaming their work on other commissions, and I'm feeling a disheartened by the whole ordeal.

Updates --

On 4/9 I was given a WIP and was told my commission should be finished by "tomorrow". Over a week has passed and they are still taking on new commissions.