March 23rd, 2017

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Text: WHO: Sif.


WHAT: Adoptable + referencesheet.

WHEN: 03-05-2017 and ongoing.

PROOF: Linked below.

EXPLAIN: On March 5th Sif had uploaded an adoptable of this beautiful dragon girl. The adopt was just a fullbody front view but also had three headshots sketched out and a fullbody view of her back. As shown here. (NSFW) The Auction said that she would come as is unless Autobought and you could unlock the referencesheet. (I sadly do not have the original image and description saved as she has since not only updated the reference but also edited the description) The Autobuy for the adopt orginally 450 when she first posted but she later dropped it to 400. I bidded on the first day and had a slight bidding war with someone on the next day. After checking her previous adoptable auctions I saw that they usually were autobought and grew nervous as I really wanted her. I didn't have the payment outright so I noted Sif asking if I could put a downpayment of my current bid (170) and send her the rest when I ha
d the payment. She agreed and I sent her my down payment and went on my way. (I didn't screenshot her reply because it's her paypal with a 'Thanks for the help' and I had afterwards sent her a note saying just 'paid' but I can get screenshots if requested.)

On the 13th I sent her a note telling her I had her payment but that I was wondering if I could pay extra to get an additional view of her bent over to show her bits and also asked her about adding a few markings on the parts that weren't drawn yet (like chosing the colour of her tongue and asking if she could have a heart shaped butt marking), She that was fine and that it would be 270 (instead of the 230) I paid and also asked if she could add my personal watermark because of my paranoia of art theft and she said she could as she hates art theft as well.

On the 15th she has sent me the files and to my surprise it didn't include the full body backview and she didn't colour the tongue the colour I asked. I decided to let the tongue thing slide as it looked fine as is but I messaged her telling her that I was upset about her not having her backview and asked her if she could include it and just take the bent over view off the reference and have it as a 'seperate piece.' She replied telling me that she would but she didn't want to put it seperate and would just do the back view seperate because 'it wouldn't look right' being on there. I asked her why she thought that as I believed it would look better next to it as she had originally advertised.
Image: (NSFW)

She replied to me telling me "i put too much work on to this picture its not a commission, its an adopt. I will shrink down the back view ." and that she would just refund me 70$. I was upset because not only was I astonished that she responded like that but that she wouldn't have a proper view of her back markings. I told her that I was upset that she responded that way and that I loved her art but I would be writing a beware. She responded seeming upset saying ":C i can draw ya a color sketch of the back view, it will look horrible and not in harmony if i added the back view e.e i was trying to keep it in balance with the ref sheet" and then shortly after sent me a seperate note saying "or i can just add the back view extra... let me do that now"

I waited and she responded with the updated piece with the backview. I viewed it from my phone and saw that it was purely just a shot from shoulders to hips but I thought it would be better than nothing and told her it looked lovely. I went back to my pc to save it and saw that it looked extremely sloppy and that was missing a marking on the back of her legs that showed in the bent over view. I noted her about it then looked it over again to notice that the rest of the markings on her hips didn't match either. I messaged her trying to be civil and offered her 40 bucks of the 70 to clean it up and do the markings right as I just wanted it to look right. While I was typing my third note out she replied telling me that "This will be the last attempt. Please refresh..."
Back view: (Slightly NSFW)

She read my note shortly after I sent it but after a week she hasn't responded and continues to take on more work. I really love this girl and don't want a refund for her. I'm just wanting her to do what I paid her for, or at least the quality since she has given me a partial refund. If she would do the entire view I would send her the partial payment back but currently I'm just very astounded by her behavior as I've worked with her before and never had any issues.