March 20th, 2017


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Not QUITE a beware yet, but more me asking for advice.

On the 9th February I ordered a custom kigu, and got an email to say that payment had been accepted. The weeks went by, and despite the website having said somewhere they had a fast turnaround, I figured they'd have been busy with con prep, so I didn't say anything until after the cons were all done.

Over the last two weeks I've been contacting them on twitter and via email asking for updates, because someone else has a kigu in the works from them, and they got given a private link to their trello board, and have wip's started, but they paid much later than I did.

I'm not sure how much longer to keep trying to get them to talk to me before I give up and open a paypal dispute (obviously with giving them a warning) because I've spent a lot of money, and to have NO communication at all is a little... well, worrying.

Do I give them a final warning email / tweet, or do I keep waiting and hoping they'll work on my kigu? They've been making steady progress with their queue, but without knowing exactly how big the queue is, I don't know if mine will be started soon or not >.<

Thanks for your advice!


They've responded now - they apparently sent me an email last week, but I never received it - regardless, I have progress photos of my kigu, and it's in the process of being sewn together!