March 16th, 2017

Beware - Inkeyu / KarmaKolors / KarmaManyBlood (Resolved)

FINAL EDIT: So after posting the last update, a few things have happened. My claim was never responded to, however the note I sent to them a week earlier warning of the chargeback was (see their response here: ) I was hoping that true to their word, they would refund me there and then, so gave them my email and ignored the fact I found them to be rude (whilst I appreciate being busy, if you run commissions through a site you have an obligation to at least inform them once in a while on where they stand). They never got back in contact nor did they refund me. As of today (29th March 2017) Paypal have ruled in my favour as they never got in contact with Paypal, proof of the dispute resolution is here:

I will now be blocking the seller on FA, and consider the matter resolved.

Edit: I've removed the IG account, and as of yet, there is no response to my chargeback threat. I also can not find any more of my notes asking them for updates (as I regularly clean my mailboxes, if I find any or receive a reply or issue the chargeback, I will keep you updated.) I've also included evidence that my chargeback has not been opened, as well as that my Feb 6th note was read.

Edit 2: They never responded to the chargeback note (or opened it) so have included evidence of the paypal claim (I escalated straight to them), they have until the 27th to respond to paypal, as of today (21st of March) there is still no conversation between them and the seller as it still says "awaiting response" on the claim.

First off, forgive me if this is incorrect in any way, I'm new here and am incredibly anxious about posting and didn't really want for it to get this way but I feel I've been patient enough after 4 months of minimal contact and I have now issued a warning about a chargeback. Please note I wouldn't have been this patient if it wasn't for the fact this person seemed to be in dire need when I commissioned them.

WHO: Inkeyu of FA also known as Karma Kolors / KarmaManyBlood

-The latter links seem dead however

WHAT: Mini character in a bottle pendant.

PROOF: - Initial discussion:
- Proof of purchase:
- Us discussing details: and and
- One of several attempts to get in touch:
- Evidence that screencap has been read:
- I have screencaps of me talking to another customer (which I can add if needed)
- Me threatening a chargeback:
Chargeback currently unread (Thursday 16th March, 8.45GMT):
Paypal claim (still awaiting reply, 21st March, 22.54GMT):

WHEN: December 2nd 2016 (given her 48hr warning of a chargeback March 15th 2017)

EXPLAIN: I came across this individual in an FALAH (FA Lend a Hand) ad saying she was in a dire situation and needed funds, so was initially going to do a half and half trade of cash and writing for one of these pendants. I got paid around then, so instead decided to pay them the full asking price of $25 after some discussion (see "initial discussion" above) since I figured they'd appreciate it more. They asked for payment, which I sent on December 2nd 2016 (see "proof of purchase").

They were initially chatty (see links under "discussing details") and in good contact for a fair few weeks. Around six weeks in, I sent them a polite message to ask for progress, which was responded to by them saying they were busy as their situation was even more dire (I could only find their journal asking for help, and will link this if needed). I did some boosting online in an attempt to help them on my Twitter in the hope they would get to my piece faster, and left them be for another couple of weeks.

I then attempted to contact them again (and several times since, like in the Feb 6th screenshot "one of several attempts to get in touch") and noticed that my notes were getting ignored (see "evidence read"). I would contact approximately once a fortnight, and every time the note was opened but never replied to. By this time I was beginning to feel put out, so decided to contact the customer ahead of me in the queue. They explained that Inkeyu worked in the same facility as them, and was under a lot of work pressure, but was going to tell them to respond to me and keep me in the loop (can link this if needed). This was around the end of February and I've still had no contact.

I feel crap for doing it, but I'm finally at a point where I am a little suspicious and a little bit dejected. I've issued a 48hr warning before I file a chargeback (see "chargeback") which has been currently unread (see "chargeback unread"). I feel like I've tried to help someone in need and it's backfired on me, and now I fear I'm taking money from the mouth of someone who really needs it even though I don't want to lose that money myself. Chargeback warning issued on March 15th at 20.08GMT and I will update as and when needed.

Not sure what to do with clients backing out of "commissions"

Edit: I derped up with wording, so editing to clarify |D

So I have posted here before with advice about specific clients, but this is the fourth time someone has backed out on me after agreeing to (and starting!) a project. I should mention that my commission process is highly unusual; at the moment, I only charge for materials and offer labor for free. I have a couple reasons for this: first, since I am still learning I don't feel that I can offer accurate time quotes. I do give a time range that the project will be complete (usually a few weeks, although it depends on the project), but I don't feel comfortable setting hard deadlines. This is not to say I won't consistently work on the project, but I don't want to make a promise I may not be able to keep. Hence I compensate my clients for this risk by discounting labor.  Second, these commissions are great learning experiences in terms of timing myself and figuring out how to give accurate quotes for both materials and time. I also favor clients who attend conventions more than I do because hey, free advertising! Finally, the money they save on labor is more money we can put towards high quality materials, and I much prefer to work that way. Sometimes I will have the client purchase tools as a small compensation for labor, but it's not always necessary.
They get a commission at a steep discount in exchange for giving me the opportunity to experiment and build my portfolio.

So far I have worked exclusively with friends. I'm hesitant to open these to the great wide internet because frankly, I'm putting out a ton of effort for these projects and I want to work with people I trust. I thought working for friends would be less risky, but apparently not. Most recently, I had someone back out of a full body cosplay because he spontaneously decided to move across the country and no longer has the money to spend. This is fine except I've already put in 13.5 hours into research and pattern drafting.

I'm not sure if what I'm asking for is even possible, but I'm wondering if there is a way to offer these sort of commissions outside my group of friends without getting burned. For starters I'm thinking of requesting all material funds up front instead of letting people do payment plans, and I’m also considering a cancelation fee. I don’t know how to figure out a cancellation fee, but maybe that will make people take it more seriously. To be honest I’m kind of confused that this is happening; every time someone takes one of my bigger projects to a convention I get notes asking about commissions, so I assume my quality of work is at least OK? I just wanna build cool cosplays, and I want to do it so badly that I’ll give away my time.