March 14th, 2017


Advice: Confronting an artist

Hi all!

I don't commission artists as often as I once did but recently decided to pick up one from someone who I saw on the front page. Paid for it right away, gave them my reference sheet and gave them a brief description of what I wanted (styled after a movie character with a blushed expression).

Two days later they finish it. Never gave me a WIP.
The finished product is in a style completely different from the one I paid for (looks more simplified), is missing the expression/characterization I paid for and, my biggest issue, colored in my character's markings wrong when the colors are written out on the reference with arrows pointing to where they go. They're stripes so it's not anything difficult.

At this point I don't know what to do. I thanked them for it but I feel very cheated. It doesn't look anything like anything else in their gallery and they completely ignored my requests for the commission.
On that point, I don't know how to contact them after thanking them for their work. I feel like if I send them a note with my concerns they'll be upset with me (as I haven't experienced something like this before in the past I'm clueless on how to approach them).

Any input would be great. :(