March 3rd, 2017

Advice: Pose is the exact opposite of what I wanted.

So I need some advice here. An artist was doing $5 fullbody and shaded pieces because they were in need of money. Well they're art was nice and I decided to get a two character piece. Well actually five because the two character is part one of two. Anyway I said I wanted for the first part the two characters bending over in a presenting fashion. What I got was a front view of them standing. So what should I do? Ask for a redraw or get take it and leave?

Edit: I should probably update this. XD Sorry forgot. Well anyway I told the artist about the mistake and said this was okay, but she decided to redo it anyway after she gets a new tablet and finishes the last person left on her to do list. So the issues is resolved it seems.

Water Dog Wharf

WHO: OtterN’Daughter, KeryuOkami, WaterDogWharf
WHAT: Fursuit, Full digi-grade with extra padding in legs/arms/tail.
WHEN: First payment was made to Keryu on 7/15/15. I completed my payment plan (Paid in full) on 11/7/15. I did not receive my suit until 2/28/17
PROOF: All payments including shipping

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Artists Beware: Vani/AshKetchumSays

WHO: Vani / AshkechumSays / Stripesandteeth. Previously: Vanimute, VanillaKitsune
WHERE: Twitter, we spoke briefly at MFF.
WHAT: $150 MFF pick-up badge
WHEN: Payment was sent on the 11th of November, - now, March 3rd.
All commission interactions :
Payment proof :
EXPLAIN: I commissioned Vani/Ash in early November for a badge that was supposed to be completed for MFF 2016 pick up . I was very excited to commission this artist, and sent the $155 (USD) right away. Once payment was made I was promised a WIP within the next few days (Proof of payment recieved, and saying I would recieve a wip shortly., I did not recieve a wip until the end of the month, after asking them for an update. (the 30th of November) After recieving a wip, I approved the sketch. I didn't hear anything up until the convention (even tho i send muitple DMs at the con) and actually approached her table. At their table they had nothing to show me (did not see the original sketch, or anything), and said they would be working on it that night, and it would most likely be done the next day. (Sunday) I did not hear anything from them until they was leaving the con. (Messages sent at the con, and afterwards.
After the con I did not recieve any WIPs, or anything past the sketch point. We agreed to change the character on the 19th of December (character change, . I did not hear anything from them at all after this. I DMed them on twitter mutiple times from the 16th-22nd of Februrary and didn't hear anything back until threatening to file a charge back. They replied, with a several paragraph explaination of the things going on in their life, but no actual update on when the art would be finished, or what state badge was in. To this I responded that I would just like my money back, and would be going forward with a charge back. They asked that I wait a week for them to refund me, and that they would be posting adopts to make the money to refund me. Durring this week they did not post anything on their account (besides an astrology bot.). I also did not hear anything from them, or any sort of update on what they were doing. I proceeded with filing a paypal claim, and I'm just waiting to hear back for paypal. (contact with vani from the 16th - march 2nd, )
I cannot reccomend this artist to anyone. unfortunately they are not very reliable and they does not stick to their word, or communicate with her customers. I am very disapointed, and while their work is gorgeous, please be warry of commissioning this artist. I wish I had seen their other bewares before commissioning them.
MOOD: Dissapointed.