January 18th, 2017

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WHO: Dauxycheeks on Furaffinity but also goes by Xashy on Deviantart/Dao on IMVU

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dauxycheeks/

WHAT: Digital art. I got this piece with a friend in March of 2015. It was through text dialogue that was agreed that we would get the piece together. I then sent my friend my part of the money, & she sent it to the artist, at the time, the artist & I were also friends so she knew of this arrangement.

WHEN: In March of 2015


My friend & I discussing getting the piece & confirming sending payment (x) (x) (I’ve crossed certain things out for privacy reasons)

Me asking the friend if Dauxy has started working on our piece yet(x)

The statement from my Paypal of me sending the money to my friend(x)

EXPLAIN:  On March 27th, 2015 Dauxy put up a journal that she was taking $25 tentacle wing-its(x). A friend of mine, who is friends with Dauxy, messaged me via Skype & asked if I would like to get a couple piece together with 1 of her characters, after talking for a bit we then decided to get a three way piece instead. I agreed, & wired her $25(As in, I sent my friend the money & then she sent Dauxy the full amount in one payment).

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