January 13th, 2017


Hello there, this is my second time posting here, this time looking for advice.

I had a character up for trade a while ago, and an artist (who I used to call my friend) offered 4 pieces of art for it.
Afer a long wait, they finish the 1st piece, so I gave them the details about the 3 remaining pictures.
A long time passed, and instead of completing their part of the trade, they keep doing, commissions, personal art, gifts and freebies.

They draw a lot and very fast, so if they haven't completed them yet is because they don't want to work on it.
Now is very irritating to see how they just keep procastinating in the trade, to the point I no longer want their art.

What should I do? They already completed 1 of the 4 owed pieces of art, so I don't know what to say or do.