September 27th, 2016

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Iceman1984 (Resolved)

Who: iceman1984


What: Digital art with an animated version for $60. He says it’ll be done in 2-3 months after payment is sent, but I have yet to see the pic done.

When: Spot claimed on May 15, 2016; payment sent on June 14


Please note that the artist is Japanese, which means that English isn’t his first language.

My comment in the commission journal, in which I claimed a spot (in case it gets deleted), as well as asking him to give me time to get money in on June (to which he agree)
His PM to me (I've censored out his PayPal address; read from down)
My payment confirmation to him (read from down)
PayPal reciept
My PM to him asking about progress since payment, as well as his reply (read from down)
My PM to him asking for the sketch stage (no response, despite being read)
My comment on his new commission opening journal on Sep. 23, suggesting that he needs to stop taking on more new commissions (in case it gets deleted)
My PM to him asking for a refund (again, no reply)


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Update September 27: He finally replied back and said he just started the work so he couldn't do the refund.


I approve the sketch and told him to keep at the pic. So here's hoping!

Update September 28: I meant to do this, but I've messaged him again, explaining that it's unfair on his part to deny refunds and that he could've at least do a partial refund after doing the sketch. I do hope he takes my advice to heart when he responds.

Final update September 30: He finally got the commission completed. And the results are just as I ordered.

I'll consider this issue resolved.