September 23rd, 2016

  • sperkl

Artist Advice: Paypal

So I'm new to the world of sellng art, as in just this week did I decide to sell adopts. I made a Paypal account, set it up from what I thought, read up about creating invoices, everything was going smooth until I made my first sell. At first it wouldn't let me accept money, so I upgraded to a business account. Things when fine after that, but I want to make sure I'm doing things right.

My first question is, should I have upgraded to a business account? I plan to sell more adopts in the future mind you.

Also What is the right way to set up an Invoice? One that doesn't expect me to ship something.

Sorry if I posted this wrong, I'm also new to this community.

Beware: AutopsyJuice

WHO: AutopsyJuice / LeftoverAutopsyJuice

WHERE: (disabled account)

WHAT: Two sets of digital colour character sheets. Total cost was US$ 210

WHEN: December 2013. Artist was paid fully in advance.


2013 Paypal Payment:
2016 reestablishment of contact:
2016 chat on Picarto:

EXPLAIN: Initially this commission went well, with the first half of the art completed in good time and to my general satisfaction. First character sheet was completed around February 2014. The artist was then left to complete the rest of the commission. Personal life upheavals ensued in mid 2014, and I did not have the time to check in on the artist’s progress. No attempt was made by the artist to contact me from that time to this.

In May 2016 I re-established contact with the artist, who seemed agreeable to finishing the commission. Subsequent attempts to contact them, though their DA account, Skype and private messaging on their Picarto stream yielded no response. Only in September 2016, when asking to speak via the public chat on their Picarto, did they reply.

At that point I was told that they wanted to do something, but that they neither had the money to refund the remainder of the commission payment, nor the time to finish the commission. No practical means of achieving a resolution was offered. The dispute is ongoing.

Beware: Gorehund

EDIT: Added title!

WHO: /

WHERE: Commission started over Twitter initially, then contact migrated to Telegram.

WHAT: A traditional badge to be finished by AC, two stickers, then a digital icon as compensation for trouble

WHEN: Started May 20, 2016, ended September 22, 2016

PROOF: I will link proof throughout the explanation, but here is the entire imgur album:

EXPLAIN: Collapse )

This transaction is complete and I have received everything I've paid for but after being lied to, told my badge would be shipped multiple times, and being told that the icon would be finished on multiple occasions but wasn't, I cannot recommend this artist to anybody. Their art style is wonderful but the customer service leaves a lot to be desired and I do not want anybody else to have to deal with this kind of service.